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Long Time No Blog

It feels like awhile since I wrote anything here. It’s interesting (to me) that sometimes I just have to set down an idea in writing, but other times weeks go by between posts.

Wow! What a nice Surprise from my Wonderful Spoiler!!

Look what arrived today!!
The second package from my Official Spoiler in the Ravelry
Recession Special Swap!
Whoever sent this is so thoughtful, and has obviously scoped out what I like.

First, look at all the patterns!

I’m definitely trying this one!


And, a lovely journal, soothing aloe footies, and tea!

Thank you so much!

How Long Does it Take You to Knit a Pair of Socks?

I am wondering how long it takes people to knit a pair of socks.

Of course, many variables affect sock-knitting speed, including –
Weight of the yarn
Needle size
Complexity of pattern
Length of sock
Experience and skill of the knitter

Still, I bet that many/most/lots of knitted socks are knit in fingering weight yarn, on needles between sizes 0 and 3.
The other variables, well, I guess they vary.

I also notice there are a boatload of sock knitting clubs
that send new sock yarn every month.
Are sock club knitters really ready for more sock yarn and another sock pattern each month, or do they have immense stashes of sock yarn?
I’m betting on the big stash theory, because sock yarn is irresistible.
Even I have a big basket of sock yarn, and I haven’t knit any socks!

Last night I dreamed that I started knitting socks for everyone in my family for Christmas, and that I was finishing about a sock an hour – truly just a dream. But, it got me wondering …..