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Losing Weight, Part Three, How To.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three: Not Eating Grains and Sugar

We eat so many grains and so much sugar because they’re cheap and filling, give you a quick (if metabolically unhealthy) boost, (did I spell metabolically right?), heck, they may be subsidized by the government for all I know.

Grains are a big part of most of the common things we cook and love – lasagna, pizza, spanikopita, tacos, granola, cereal, rice, corn fritters, not to mention key lime pie and chocolate chip cookies.

So, how do you give them up? I prefer cold turkey – just do it. When you lose a pound in 2 days, it’s encouraging.

Tips and tricks.

1. Prepare. Think of ways to make changes and go buy that stuff. Buy celery if you’re going to put peanut butter on celery instead of bread.

2. New rituals. I had a nightly habit of red wine, corn chips, and ice cream. I devised a new ritual involving herbal tea. I know that sounds lame, but I use a lovely pottery mug, add spices, and play it up.

3. Be sure to include fat in your diet. Apple chunks and cheese is filling. Fat keeps you from feeling hungry.

4. Drink lots of water, tea, etc., which will help you feel full.

5. If you want, explore new vegetables, and ways of making grain free pie crust, spaghetti squash spaghetti, things with nut flour. The internet is probably full of that stuff.

Next up: pitfalls and challenges.

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Losing Weight, Part Two.

Part One

Part Two: One Weird Trick.

To lose weight rapidly and safely, stop eating grains and sugar. There it is, the only important thing you need to do. The rest is just discussion of what that means, how to do it and why, and what to expect.

People are fat because they eat grains and sugar, period, the end. If you stop eating grains and refined sugar, you lose weight. Once you lose enough weight, you can resume eating grains and sugar (unless there is a metabolic reason not to, such as type 2 diabetes), but if you aren’t restrained, you will gain it all back.

Yep, this is the low carb thing, with a few twists and tips.

Sugar is sugar.

“Grains” unfortunately includes bread (yes, even multigrain whole wheat bread), pizza, pasta, wine, beer, bagels, pita bread, tortillas, muffins, buns, rolls, pie crust, crackers, cookies, and yes, even artisinally curated dry crackers. It also includes corn, corn syrup, potato chips and fries.
Avoiding sugars also means giving up fruit juice and being careful about fruit. Six dried apricots is pretty carbalacious.

The Good News – You do NOT have to have a fat free, or low fat diet, unless there is some other medical reason for it, I’m-not-a-doctor disclaimer goes here.

Fat does not make you fat any more than tomatoes make you red. You need fat! Fat is what makes you feel not hungry. Go ahead, add a spoonful of whipping cream to your coffee and a pat of butter to the broccoli.

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How to Lose Weight, A Symphony in Several Parts. Part One

Part One: Introduction.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or other health care professional, and this is not medical advice. In other words, I know I’m right, but don’t take my word for it. I am not a doctor and do not rely on this or any blog instead of consulting your doctor.

How I know that I’m right about how to lose weight: I was always skinny until my 40s, when I put on some weight. I participated in a university study in which participants did a LOT of exercise but were told to eat whatever they wanted. I gained more weight and my blood sugar went way up. I read books, especially those by Richard Bernstein. I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. You probably can too, and here is how.

Losing weight is not as complicated as the books and articles make it seem.

Here are some things that you do NOT need to do to lose weight:

1. Join a gym, have a complicated workout plan, or run 5 miles a day.

2. Pay to join a group in real life or online.

3. Make your life into a big science project. You do NOT need to write down everything you eat, including the calories, carb content, glycemic index, etc.

Go ahead and do these things if you want. Running every day and lifting weights is healthy, some folks like support groups, and others like keeping detailed records of what they eat. But none of this is necessary, so if you don’t have time to keep a food log or can’t afford a gym membership, don’t worry.

I am breaking this into bite sized blog entries because I hate reading long scrolly blogs and my nonexistent readers might feel the same way.

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One Last Job

How many movies have you seen, nonexistent readers, in which a criminal decides to go straight, only to be lured into One Last Job?

See, for example, Thief, Heist, Getaway, Sexy Beast, and Unforgiven.

But it’s not just criminals! Sometimes legal writers are coaxed back for one last job after retirement! Maybe a 2 or 3 month 29 hour a week gig?

Stay tuned, NRs!

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

A crime that is committed between midnight and 6:00 a.m. may feel late at night but is technically the next day. The district attorney describes the events as occurring “during the early morning hours of March 11.”

During these early morning hours I think about all the things. Ancient history mixes with ideas for knitting a cardigan, which fades to a detailed political speech about whatever flickers into view, which leads to a plan for how to sketch a rock sitting on a plate . . . to anxiety about It All . . . an idea for soup . . . what should I do with the collection of every issue of The Knitter? . . . are young people having fewer children? . . . can the Democrats win in 2020? . . . and what is wrong with people who like that repulsive man? . . . I bet there are some good trails in Briar Chapel . . . my mother would have been 92 today . . . I miss her . . . Will anyone miss me? . . . can UNC get to the final four this year? . . . which would be more fun, Rhinebeck or Stitches South? . . . need to look up Gate One tours and find a good trip for Staples and me . . . he hates the idea of a cruise . . . but maybe . . .

The warm little cat stretches out a paw with that saltine smell of a healthy cat. At 2:00 a neighbor leaves for a night shift job and shadows pass across the wall and I keep thinking about all the things.

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View From the Steps


This is a watercolor of the view from the steps behind the W_____ house.  Too much green I think, too much yellow-green, but the mountains are nice.

A thing! I did a thing!

Blogs are so boring when the bloggers blog about themselves. Who cares if you’ve been thinking precious thoughts about X or reconsidering Y?

And yet, I can’t resist telling the world that I did a thing about which I am proud, even though no one cares. The thing was that I figured out how to add an icon to my website, which is another thing, like a blog, that no one cares about but me.

An icon! The thrill comes from the fact that I have zero training or education in coding, etc.


Aw heck, the icon didn’t show there. But when I googled on my phone and clicked “add to my home screen” it was right there.


See?  It’s the pink thing!