Monthly Archives: November 2006

Back to Basics

When your back gets hurt, everything comes to a halt.  I have found that out this week, and am laying around with a torn ligament somewhere near my spine, pain pills that make me woozy, and exercises I can only do when I’m on the pain pills.

Y’know what?  It’s getting really boring.  Just saying.

Leave this Law Behind

How does “Leave No Child Behind” hang on?  As far as I can tell every single group involved hates it – teachers, school administrators, rich schools, poor schools, kids.  And, it doesn’t benefit some powerful lobby, like oil barons.  I can’t believe it will be renewed.

Return of Blue

He’s back, he’s been to the vet, he has an injured back, it will heal with time, and he’s thoroughly enjoying the extra attention.   Phwew.

Where is Blue?

Oh dear.  Blue, our brown striped cat, is missing.  Yesterday he was droopy and today he’s nowhere to be seen.  We’re afraid that he’s sick and has gone off somewhere to hide.   Bluey, Blue-blue, Blueboy, Blu-ers, where are you?

Here he is:


Thanks for the View

It’s Thanksgiving and, among the things I am thankful for, is the fact that I grew up with the view you see above from the front steps of my childhood home. It’s also a good day to remember the other good things in my life. I’ve been blessed with good health, a wonderful husband, kids, and family, work that I enjoy, and true-blue friends. Thank You, Higher Power, whatever and wherever You may be.

Think Twice About Your Favorite Music

In the past I’ve poked fun at the earnestness with which users of MySpace and other websites list their favorite bands. Looks like they were onto something. It turns out that people give and receive a lot of information about each other when they share their musical preferences.
Here is an article summarizing a study about this phenomena. It’s dry at times, so I’ll summarize it: People, and especially young people, judge each other with some degree of accuracy based on a person’s musical taste.
Message in a Ballad
The article focuses on the participants perception of psychological traits such as extroversion. That may have been a good fit for their study method. However, my suspicion is that, when it comes to musical taste, people are more likely to be making social judgments about a person’s ideology, lifestyle, political views, social group, and that sort of thing.
What do you think?

A Simple Prayer

Please don’t let the Democrats screw up this time.
Thank you,