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UFO Update

At the beginning of the year, I lined up my Unfinished Objects and made a Master Plan.

I decided that during 2009 every WIP must be
Finished, Frogged, or Flung (into the void).
Time to check in on the plan.

1. Scarf for my father – Finished!
2. Ribbon bag – just needs to be put together, which is actually probably where it was a year ago.

Frogged, Flung, or otherwise Disposed Of:
1. Lace scarf – I sent the yarn, the book, and the swatch to Nora.
2. Scarf for Lydia – Flung! It was just too stupid, so I’ve started a new one and gave the stupid yarn to the thrift shop.
3. Baby Sweater: I gave the pieces to Laura/Painty to do with as she wants.

1. Afghans for Afghans I like this one, but it’s still not done.
2. Socks ‘O Doom for Nora.
3. Cardigan for me – lost interest.
4. Ribbed wool scarf – I like it, but don’t know anyone who wants it.
5. Entrelac scarf – lost interest.

New UFO’s:
1. Secret Knitting Project for Recession Swap.
This one is coming along fine, pictures to follow!
2. Replacement scarf for Lydia.
Started this yesterday, it’ll be a snap.
3. Secret Garden Shawl.
Best project of the year!
4. Todos Scarf.
The project was fun & I hope to finish it soonl.

Other FOs:
1. Silk scarf for my sister-in-law
2. Various bookmarks, etc.
3. Bright wool scarf.
4. Swatches of gossamer yarn.

Planned Projects:
1. Enchanted Woods Shawl.
2. Stacy shawl.
3. Prettier socks for Nora.

Secret Garden Shawl Update Photos

Still plugging away on the Secret Garden Shawl,
and it’s time for a few new photos!




Job Interviews!!

I’ve had two job interviews this week. Both went well, as far as I could tell, and I’d be very happy to accept an offer from either one. Keep those fingers crossed!

Morning Music!

What does your alarm play when you wake up?
I have mine set to play this song, from the Outro Lado CD by Zuco 103:
Humana Video

My Favorite Cool Weather Recipe

The next Recession Swap Question is:
“What is your favorite Cool Weather Recipe?”

I think my favorite is beef stew:

First, heat oil in cast iron pan,
then brown Stew beef, cut into small chunks.
Put the meat aside for a little bit.

Next, add a little more oil, heat it, then add
Onion: one is usually enough, cut up.
Garlic: cloves minced up, however many you like.
Spices: salt, pepper, bay leaf, basil, cloves, peppercorns.
Cook this until the onion is translucent.

Browned stew beef,
Beef broth,
Some tomatoes, tomato paste, or tomato sauce,
Red wine.

Cook this for awhile and then add:
couple of cut up potatoes,
lots of cut up mushrooms,
whatever other vegetables you’d like to add.

You can adjust the thickness with
more/less broth, and/or
barley or some other thing that can cook in the broth.

Have fun!

Seattle Stranger

Nora is on the cover of this week’s Seattle Stranger.
I am assured that this is a relatively “tame” cover,
and that the Stranger is a Big Deal in Seattle.
Still, it gave me a start.


An Open Letter to Everyone

Dear world, and especially,
Dear friends, relatives, long-lost schoolmates who contacted me via FaceBook or, co-workers, online knitting pals, swap buddies, my husband and children, President Obama, charities who keep mailing donation requests, and people whose knitting gifts I started years ago and haven’t finished,

I apologize for everything.
I’m sorry for not getting as much done as usual, for being tired,
achy, gloomy, irritable, and for losing perspective.
I’m sorry for speaking/writing before I think,
for not wanting advice, for bailing out on commitments and plans,
for not doing my part to bring about meaningful health care reform.
I regret not responding to your overtures via social networks,
for not getting back in touch. I’m sorry for ignoring phone calls,
for not finding a new job, for sleeping so much, for snapping at
people and picking fights, for acting like the biggest thing in my
whole life is the year-long medical treatment I’m undergoing,
with its stupid side effects.

I’m sick of feeling vaguely like I need to apologize to everyone.
My head hurts, I’m anemic, my muscles ache, I don’t even know
if this treatment will succeed, the medication causes fatigue and
depression, the economy sucks, I don’t want to find a new
job but I have to anyway, and it all just seems like Too Much.

I realize that I’m not holding up my end of the bargain,
and I’m sorry.
I will return to normal in about a year.
In the meantime, please accept my apology,
and please cut me a break.

Swap Questions for Grown Ups

Why do swap questions always have to be variants on
the childhood standby – ”
Would you rather go up in the air in an airplane,
or down in the sea in a submarine?”
or the knitting equivalent – “What’s your favorite fiber and why?”

We’re all adults.
I think we would all be civil if we occasionally considered
questions of more significance, or questions that, if not political,
are at least about something different.

I’d love to read answers to questions like –

What are your thoughts & opinions about health care systems,
health care reform, and/or the systems used in specific nations?

What book, movie, TV show, or magazine is your secret guilty pleasure?

Should Roman Polanski / Michael Jackson’s doctor / George W. Bush
be prosecuted or should we just let it go?

In what situations is it okay to let cats go outdoors?

Honestly, I can never work up much interest in reading a long list
of answers to questions like “What is your favorite finished object?”
I’m more interested in the knitting habits of people
whom I also know something else about.

I realize this is a grumpy point of view.
that there are good reasons to keep swap questions non-controversial.
It’s just my own grouchy opinion.
These questions seem dumb and babyish to me.

Please accept my apology in advance for being cranky.
And I do know that people who volunteer time to swaps
are nice, kind, hard-working, etc.
Signing Off,
Your mood-impaired blogger.

Recession Swap Question # 2

Question Number Two is something about are we attending
any fiber festivals and why or why not?

I might go to the Southeast Animal Fiber Festival in Asheville.
I’m not going to any others because it costs too much.

I’m in a bad mood today.
(if you couldn’t tell!)