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Resolutions for 2007

To be continued . . .
In 2007 I resolve to improve my physical health and fitness, by increasing my strength and aerobic capacity, and by losing excess weight.   will keep track of my progress here, to have a record and to keep myself honest.   Wish me luck!

So True!

Very familiar . . .


Tsunami Anniversary

Two years ago this week, a tsunami killed thousands of people in southeast Asia. Here is a website collecting Internet Resources about this disaster. Tsunamis may be caused by any one of several geological factors.
Pause this evening in respect for the people who were swept away by this unimaginably huge wave.


Boxing Day

December 26, the day after Christmas, is known as Boxing Day. It’s a holiday mostly observed in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. It’s also St. Stephen’s Day. For some, it’s a chance to honor an early Christian martyr, for others it’s an extra day off, and at the mall, it’s a huge shopping day.


Love, Actually

It’s Christmas Eve, time to watch the movie Love, Actually my favorite Christmas movie. But first, we have a spate of mix-ups and problems to get through. Nora came home for a week, arriving at the Greensboro airport this morning. Unfortunately, after the Official PickerUpper left to get her, I told him to go to the Raleigh airport instead . . . and then said “oops! Never mind!” So back he went (another 2 hours) to Greensboro. Meanwhile, Aunt Emily in Atlanta has gone to the emergency room with a possible concussion . . . stay tuned.

North Carolina Mountains

Are they really this beautiful?


A Great Day in Harlem

Cultural Literacy – 23 December 2006.

A Great Day in Harlem is the name of a wonderful 1958 photograph of 57 jazz musicians, taken by Art Kane. The photo has also been the subject of a documentary that well worth viewing.


Cultural Literacy – “things you really should know”