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Swap Questions for Grown Ups

Why do swap questions always have to be variants on
the childhood standby – ”
Would you rather go up in the air in an airplane,
or down in the sea in a submarine?”
or the knitting equivalent – “What’s your favorite fiber and why?”

We’re all adults.
I think we would all be civil if we occasionally considered
questions of more significance, or questions that, if not political,
are at least about something different.

I’d love to read answers to questions like –

What are your thoughts & opinions about health care systems,
health care reform, and/or the systems used in specific nations?

What book, movie, TV show, or magazine is your secret guilty pleasure?

Should Roman Polanski / Michael Jackson’s doctor / George W. Bush
be prosecuted or should we just let it go?

In what situations is it okay to let cats go outdoors?

Honestly, I can never work up much interest in reading a long list
of answers to questions like “What is your favorite finished object?”
I’m more interested in the knitting habits of people
whom I also know something else about.

I realize this is a grumpy point of view.
that there are good reasons to keep swap questions non-controversial.
It’s just my own grouchy opinion.
These questions seem dumb and babyish to me.

Please accept my apology in advance for being cranky.
And I do know that people who volunteer time to swaps
are nice, kind, hard-working, etc.
Signing Off,
Your mood-impaired blogger.

Cat Toy Cat Fight!

I’m in the Ravelry Kitty Toy Swap group. Today I received a wonderful box of kitty toys and a cat mat. My favorite part, as a human, was a skein of mohair/silk laceweight yarn !

My plan was to pose these goodies on the table
for a couple of still life photos, like this:

With a few pictures highlighting the yarn, like this –

The best laid plans of mice and men and cats, right?
First YT noticed the catnip wafting over from the table ..

No sooner had she started to play with the catnip toys …

Then Tupac arrived on the scene …

At first he “shared” the catnip mice ..

But, then he “encouraged” her to leave …

As YT’s tail vanished over the side of the table,
Tupac settles down to play with the catnip!

So it goes with these wild felines!
THANK YOU for the kitty toys, the Eucalan wash, the mat, and (as a non-feline) the yarn!

Rest in Peace

She lived 21 years, which is over 100 in human terms.
Born 1988
Died 8 June 2009


Those That Purr

YT pointed out to me that my blog is all knit, knit, knit and not enough purr. So, following are a few pictures of the purr-ers.
First is YT. I rescued her from the animal shelter, and she’s at least half singapura, and she has amazing blue eyes, and she adores me, and she sleeps between my husband and me and is so small it doesn’t get in our way.
Did I mention she’s my favorite?

Moving along, notice how YT has plenty of room on the printer? Here is Blue, our classic tabby, on the same printer:

Blue and YT engage in fierce battles over nothing. Blue wins but YT always hides in some out of the way corner where he can’t follow her.

Tupac is my other favorite cat. We got him on December 2, 2002, when he showed up in an ice storm. My son was young enough then to name him Tupac. He’s hard to photograph because the black fur kind of disappears.

Here are YT and Tupac together. They are the only two that are actual Friends. They sleep together, wash each other and play roll ‘n tumble.

Finally, the old girl, Miranda. ‘Randa is over 20 years old and will outlive us all. She’s the alpha cat and indisputable ruler, by virtue of her Fierce Glare. We’re very protective of her because of her advanced years, but she doesn’t really need protection. She’s been my daughter’s cat since she (daughter) was four. (she’s 25 now).

Gee, isn’t this fun! Well . . . it is for me, anyway. I realize that “cute kitty” photos are not of general interest!