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One Last Job

How many movies have you seen, nonexistent readers, in which a criminal decides to go straight, only to be lured into One Last Job?

See, for example, Thief, Heist, Getaway, Sexy Beast, and Unforgiven.

But it’s not just criminals! Sometimes legal writers are coaxed back for one last job after retirement! Maybe a 2 or 3 month 29 hour a week gig?

Stay tuned, NRs!

The Old Homeplace

Well, my dad is 85 and it’s time to sell the farm where I grew up.
Just the usual Circle of Life business again!

It’s a 150 year old house on 12 acres with outbuildings, meadows, and
a real-life ghost story.

So, I created a blog about it with photos, and here it is:

Shenkel Farm

Hope you like it!

What I See Now!

It’s been about five weeks since I had eye surgery (scleral buckle and vitrectomy),
and my vision is finally starting to improve!

What I see with my left eye, the normal one:

Here is what I see with both eyes (getting better!)

And here is how it looks with my right eye (the recovering one).

A Pretty Photo of the Young’un

As my mom used to say, “Water rises higher than its source”

A Pretty Photo of the Young'un

As my mom used to say, “Water rises higher than its source”

Reasons to Blog?

I’ve been thinking about the reasons that people blog.
A Random List of Reasons to Blog:
Find like-minded souls who agree with you about [Subject of Interest]
or share your passion for [Your Current Obssession].
Keep your friends & fans up to date on your thrilling life, without individual letters or calls.
Show off your brilliance, clever insights, and hilarious sense of humor.
Keep from going mad because of [Your Life Circumstance Here].
Record wise advice and insights that your kids don’t want to hear. (*cough* me? *cough*)
Write what cracks you up, bugs you, or Needs to Be Said. (*cough* me again? *cough*)
Satisfy urge for public personal exhibitionism.
Create a record of your ins & outs, your ups & downs during a difficult passage.
Practice for a planned transition to Full Time [Your New Career Here],
such as author, consultant, or artist.
Share information, ideas, tips, or photographs about [Your Focus Here].
Record your Life History and the Way Things Were.
Get needed advice about [Your Hobby Here].
Drum up support or raise money for [Your Cause Here].
Track progress of [Something].
Sell something online.

Any others?
Are some “good” reasons and others “bad” reasons?

Second Eye Surgery

If you’re feeling brave, you can watch this Video of the two surgical procedures I’ve had, the scleral buckle and the vitrectomy.

I’m not planning to watch it!

Aftermath – I can’t see anything but shapes in the mist out of my right eye, but the doctor is “very optimistic.”

I’ll keep you posted!