Monthly Archives: July 2008

Blog Infidelity

I’ve been using my knitting blog this summer.  Time to return to the porch swing at least some of the time!

So Adorable, and Yet So Wrong Somehow

This afternoon I saw two absolutely charming
tiny spotted newborn fawns, eating a neighbor’s
flowers.  In the dappled sunlight, they could not
have been more entrancing – yet, they remind me
of the canary in a coal mine.

It’s almost August.  There shouldn’t be newborn
fawns now.  And, of course, they should have
somewhere else to eat besides a built-up suburban

Is it overdevelopment ?   Global warming?

Knitters are Invisible!

It’s true.  I’ve noticed that, like Madame Defarge before me,
I’m completely unnoticed as long as I’m knitting in public.

Correct Yarn Winding

When  one is winding yarn into a ball, because one forgot
to ask the person at the LYS to wind it on an automatic
yarn winder thing, HOW do you know if you’re winding it

“Correctly” means winding it so that when you knit with it,
it doesn’t twist endlessly, requiring you to stop every
five minutes & hold the knitting from above, watching it
ever-so-slowly twirl back the other way.


A Toast to MOI

Bet most of my (three?  four?) blog readers don’t know that MOI really stands for My Own Igloo.  And here, a toast to my favorite (*cough* only) Comment-er:


Striped Sweater Solution

I’ve solved the striped sweater problem from a few posts ago. I decided to knit the sweater in just one of the colors of yarn, and chose Custard:

Anne, the owner of my favorite LYS, the Hillsborough Yarn Shop graciously allowed me to exchange the unopened balls of yarn for enough to make the sweater in one color.  Onward!

Yarn Swap Buddies

I’m about ready to send my July package to my yarn swap pal.  I’ve really lucked out in that I expect to meet both of my yarn swap partners in person.  I’ll keep you posted.