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Dear Knitting Designers,

Dear Knitting Designers,

Sometimes, after a pattern has been released to the public,
you discover a little mistake, true?
Then, responsible pattern designer that you are,
you release an updated version, with corrections.

I get an email alerting me to the new version, and download it.
So far, so good, right?

A few months later, I sort out my work room and discover
two apparently identical patterns for, let’s call the pattern
“Spring in Kansas” because Ravelry has no such pattern,
so no one should take it personally.

I examine the two versions, which have the same copyright date,
the same file name, the same number of pages, etc.
In desparation I send a dumb email to the designer asking for
clues to identify the newer version – maybe it’s the one with
a K3 in the 24th line of the pattern repeat on page 15?

So, por favor, if it wouldn’t mess up your system,
I’d really appreciate it if the newer version had a catchy name

maybe “Spring in Kansas Updated”.
Pretty please?

Knitting Books!!

I have logged all my knitting books onto Library Thing where I’m signed in as “Angel Baby” if you’d like to link up or whatever.
My present count of written materials about knitting includes:

One hundred eighty five (185!) books
The entire run of the British magizine, The Knitter from the first issue.
Four or five years of Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knitting, Wild Fibers, Verena, KnitScene, and Knitter’s Magazine.
Ten looseleaf binders of patterns stored in plastic sheets and organized by type.
Several magizine holder file things full of one-off pattern collections.
Knitting books I inherited from my mother.

I know, crazy, right? Anyway, I was thinking it might be nice to review some of the books, since I’m in such a good position to compare and contrast, what with having, just for one example, about fifteen books on knitting socks, which is probably what helped me knit the one pair of socks I’ve actually finished.

Whatcha think?

2011 UFO Parade

This year’s plan to reduce the number of UFOs:
Divide into categories:
1. Big projects that require close attention (lace shawls).
2. Emergency knitting projects that can be done anywhere (bookmarks).
3. Projects with all the knitting complete, that lack only finishing, seaming, etc.

New Rules:
Only three at a time, one from each category.
No starting anything new till they’re all done.

Exception to New Rule:
Clubs I’ve already joined – True Colors and Little Mermaid.

Here are the big projects that I need to pay attention to knit successfully:

Ruth’s Tunic

Through the Looking Glass


Louise Harding Cardigan

Those are the tricky ones, that cannot be done while doing six other things. Well, actually, the cardigan isn’t tricky, but it’s big, so I included it. Next post – the other categories!

Yarn Winding Emergency

Okay, I’m crying wolf, it isn’t really an “emergency,” I just wanted to get your attention.
I finally bought a yarn winder and swift, set it up, and gleefully wound a skein of malabrigo worsted.

Then I ran into trouble. I opened a skein of lovely fingering weight silk/merino yarn, put it over the swift, and then – and only then – cut the tag and the know. So, I know I put it on the way it was meant to be. I tried to wind it, but it’s all twisted around and under itself. So I gave up, and took photos.

This is the yarn sitting on the bed, showing an end.

As I started winding it, the end is running under the skein, like this:

Instead of unwinding, it has to be hand-woven under and around, every other round:

Even when I wound the first bit into a ball, it continued to be twisted under itself:

I abandoned that end, and tried to wind it from the other end, but had the same problem:

What does this mean? What do I do?