Tico Times

Stay tuned, nonexistent audience, for photos from Costa Rica.

Taking Requests

I generally assume that no one looks at this except me, but just in case –

I am updating my webpage.  If there is something you think should be publicized, I will consider it.

My Only Regret

My biggest regret in life is that, although I worked for 50 years before retiring, I never had a job where I got to run from room to room shouting “Clear!” Or maybe I’ve just watched too many crime shows about the FBI?

The Absurdity of My Indignation

Like a soup that is only checked intermittently, my mood this week is stuck in the narrow range between simmer and furious boil. For the first time in 67 years, my blood pressure is elevated. I’m just so mad. Kavanaugh is a liar! He is a partisan, sexist liar who doesn’t have the temperament for Chatham County district court! and so on.

And I’ve been So Grrr Mad at the Senators presiding over this naked power grab. How dare they! They are not playing fair! Right.

And exactly why is this surprising? Why exactly would I expect anything else? When have Overlords ever played fair?

Political Realities

There are several political realities that I want to set down, for whatever good it might do.

  1.  The general, overall, structure of voting in this country dictates that we will always have a two party system, unless that structure is changed.
  2.  The two parties, although they may have certain weaknesses in common, are not “just the same” or “equally bad.”
  3. Election results are almost always close – a victory of 53 — 47 is a landslide victory.
  4. Therefore, your vote really does count, because turnout is often/usually the key factor.

Two more weeks

Retirement is starting to feel really real.

How many days until Inauguration Day in US?

Count down every day to Inauguration Day in US, with your own customizable countdown clock.

Source: How many days until Inauguration Day in US?

We can’t wait that long.