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I have avoided the “all about me” link for years, but okay okay, I’ll dish.
I am a 65 year old married woman with two grown kids.  I’m a research attorney at the North Carolina court of appeals and I will modestly say that I’m very good at it. We have three kitties and I confess to being a Cat Nut.
I’m obsessed with knitting, and may finally make a Lifetime Commitment to this art form, after decades of being a “Craft Slut” who played around with sewing, beading, quilting, and photography. I read whenever I’m not knitting or wasting time online.
Family: My husband is retired after decades as a state employed attorney. Our daughter Nora is 32, lives in Bellingham, WA, and is the wonderful mother of the World’s Cutest Grandbaby, Rowan, who is four years old. Nora is also an art and Spanish teacher, baker, musician, and artist.  Our son Evan is 29 and lives in Harlem with his sweetie, Jessica.  He is a junior construction manager for the re-everything-ing of the Waldorf Astoria.
We live in Chapel Hill, NC, but might move to Bellingham some day.

2 responses to “Share & Tell

  1. I’ve been on your site several times but never read this bit. How interesting that your son is majoring in both Chinese and Arabic. At work, I have a Turkish fellow beside me, an Iranian women beside me, further up our aisle is a German man and just beyond him is a Chinese fellow. I’ve often thought that wouldn’t it be nice if just from listening to them talk on the phone that I would pick up another language. So far I’ve only managed to determine several German swear words. Oh and how to say snowing in German…he gets really excited for the snow. I did takes Spanish lessons for some time and really should get back at it because we have many latin folks that I could actually use and learn the language. That was always the problem with high school french is I really never got to use it and now when we go to Quebec City every once in a while they are so quick to accomodate and change to English for us. It’s a goal I need to act on.

    And I always hate those warm up activities myself!!

  2. just dropping by to say hi 🙂

    you have a very nice blog. have a great day!

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