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I have avoided the “all about me” link for years, but okay okay, I’ll dish.
I am a 67 year old married woman, whose family includes two grown kids, a grandson, and 2 cats.  I retired a year ago from a job as a research attorney at the North Carolina court of appeals.
I’m obsessed with knitting, and may finally make a Lifetime Commitment to this art form, after decades of being a “Craft Slut” who played around with sewing, beading, quilting, and photography. I read whenever I’m not knitting or wasting time online.   I write this for fun and realize no one looks at it.

2 responses to “Share & Tell

  1. I’ve been on your site several times but never read this bit. How interesting that your son is majoring in both Chinese and Arabic. At work, I have a Turkish fellow beside me, an Iranian women beside me, further up our aisle is a German man and just beyond him is a Chinese fellow. I’ve often thought that wouldn’t it be nice if just from listening to them talk on the phone that I would pick up another language. So far I’ve only managed to determine several German swear words. Oh and how to say snowing in German…he gets really excited for the snow. I did takes Spanish lessons for some time and really should get back at it because we have many latin folks that I could actually use and learn the language. That was always the problem with high school french is I really never got to use it and now when we go to Quebec City every once in a while they are so quick to accomodate and change to English for us. It’s a goal I need to act on.

    And I always hate those warm up activities myself!!

  2. just dropping by to say hi 🙂

    you have a very nice blog. have a great day!

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