Monthly Archives: February 2019

Michael Cohen

A great thing about retirement is that I can watch Cohen testimony all day, and my observations are:

Cohen is telling the truth. (This time.)

I knew he was skeevy, but was surprised that he’s also quick witted.

Elijah Cummings is a good person.

Tiny Moss Habitat

A few weeks ago while walking on a jungle trail in Costa Rica a small round rock caught my eye. It was lying on the edge of the path like a little round potato, maybe 2 or 3 inches across. I put it in a pocket and brought it home.

At home I saw that there were patches of moss clinging to the rock. I’ve started soaking it in cool water for a few minutes every morning, which inspires the moss to straighten up, unfurl, and display some green. I love this.


Random 2020 Thoughts

1. All the (Democratic) candidates are okay; the only important question is who can win.

2. Sometimes I think we can’t win without a candidate who revs up the young ones and the POC, hi Kamala, Cory, Pete, Julian.

3. Sometimes I think that the defining feature of the past 2.5 years is anxiety, so that we only win with a candidate who exudes stability and comfort, hi Joe.

4. If I happen to remember the Kavanaugh hearing, all I want is a woman candidate, hi Eizabeth.

5. Also, sometimes I frame the question in terms of my second cousin L____. Although L has been a Republican, I think she would vote for a Democrat who she did not perceive as an extremist, hi Amy, Kirsten, Sherrod.

What do you think, nonexistent readers?

Tico Times

Stay tuned, nonexistent audience, for photos from Costa Rica.