Monthly Archives: December 2011

Wierd Girls

Why do my favorite mystery/action/sci-fi books always have such small, weird heroines?

Snow Crash – Y.T.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc. – Lizbeth
Smilla’s Sense of Snow – Smilla.

The females are always
Have amazing, unusual talents.
Are survivors of a backstory ranging from odd to horrific.

Next time, I want to read about a tall, relatively ordinary girl.

Jungle Book Live Blog

I’m knitting the KAL The Jungle Book. The very good news is that I’m keeping up, for the first time ever!
Other good news is that so far this is a beautiful pattern.
Minor bad news – I don’t think much of the purl stitches in Clue 3. They’d better turn out to enhance the design, because they make it a lot harder.