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Love and Death in the Spanish Moss

Okay, it’s time to write a southern gothic novel – the kind with forbidden love, ghosts, murder, creaks heard at night, sexy family secrets, and so on. Ready, imaginary readers? I’ll provide the illustrations and a prompt, you fill in the blanks.

She hasn’t seen the ruined plantation house since that fateful day 40 years ago, but she still remembered . . .

The sight of the barred windows brought a shudder. That hot night in July . . .

She recalled the lane – how innocent it first appeared!

Fearfully, she stepped inside. There was the hall, the old fireplace . . .

The sight of the stairs brought a slight shudder. She’d waited upstairs, only to discover the truth . . .

Fleeing the house, Erythrinia found herself among the live oaks – under whose branches she had first –

The Spanish moss dripped like blood from the branches . .

There had always been only one way out of Tibwin. For so long she had been locked in . . .

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Photos from South Carolina

I have limited typing access this weekend . . . but I have taken some pictures.

Early Autumn

A Pretty Photo of the Young’un

As my mom used to say, “Water rises higher than its source”

A Pretty Photo of the Young'un

As my mom used to say, “Water rises higher than its source”

Walk in the woods

I’ve started walking every day & taking photos.



nora, originally uploaded by shesho designs.

How to Make a Christmas Check Special!

Follow Up – and it was a big success!

We are giving our son money for Christmas/graduation.
This morning I made a “holder” for the check.

First, I sewed a block of 9 batik squares,
then sewed another block of 9 batik squares,
then sewed the two blocks together.

Then I sewed 2 smaller blocks of 4 batik squares,
and sewed them together.
Next, I sewed the small block to the bigger block.

Finally, I made fasteners for each “layer” of the cloth envelope.
Like so/sew:
A sterling silver star pin with adjustable limbs pins the outer layer shut:

Here is a closeup of Mr. Star:

Now we start to open the outer flaps:

The inside block is black & white for contrast with the vibrant batik:

The inner envelope is held shut with a sterling necklace clasp:

Let’s open it up!

Finally, this is the back:

I am irrationally proud of this idea and of making it a reality!
If anyone wants to copy this, feel free!

Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning is a good movie in a lot of ways.
First, good acting.
Amy Adams and Emily Blunt were perfect.
Perfectly cast, and dressed precisely like girls that age.
Alan Arkin was okay too.
The guy who played Winston (one-armed janitorial guy) was great.
Lynn, the woman whom Emily Blunt stalked was also great.
So, good acting.

The crime scene premise was cute and, if you get past the gross aspects, kind of interesting.
I was intrigued by the specialized equipment, training, etc.
warning: somewhat gross photo:


The tragedy at the core of the girls’ lives was also well done.
It explains their pain and their attraction to cleaning up death.
The waitress/pie/clues thing was well done too.
Nora (Emily Blunt) was a well-developed character.
Haven’t you known people like her? I have.
The ambiguous relationship between Nora and Lynn was well done.
Rose (Amy Adams) was adorable as always.
Nice leaving the inevitable Rose/Winston romance unstated.

But . . . a few things bug me, and here they are:

1. Oscar clearly had some Big Problems, which were never explained or addressed. Oscar was turning eight years old? His weird cluelessness is ridiculous without a DSM label. What’s his problem? Didn’t your kids know not to ask amputees about missing limbs by the age of, say, 4? Didn’t they know enough not to lick everything after hearing a dumb ghost story?
Instead of any explanation or any attempt to help him, we get only family members insisting that “the meanies don’t understand you.”
I don’t know, he just annoyed me.

2. The melding of comic and tragic was, to say the least, disconcerting at times.

3. What is Rose’s backstory?
WHY didn’t she ever marry? WHERE/WHO is Oscar’s dad?
Is her low self-esteem entirely caused by her mom’s suicide?

So, I’ll give it 2 thumbs and several fingers up,
and 4 stars.

Photos from Bellingham

See the banner picture of sunset?
Sunset, I might add, which was occurring at 4:30 in the afternoon!

I took it with a cell phone while in Bellingham.
Here are a couple of others:

This was in the Bellingham Farmers’ Market


And some posters in a window, with artistic reflections –


Your Newest Album

My band is “Moonbase Project” and our newest CD is
“Men’s Hands and Purses”

From a Friend:
1. Go to Wikipedia and click on “Random Article” or follow the link:
The first Article you find is the name of your band.

2. Go to this quotation site in
The last 3 or 4 words of the last quotation on the page is the title of you new album.

3. Follow this link for a Flicker photo;
the 3d image on the page (no cheating now!) is your album artwork.

4. With PhotoShop or GIMP, design your album cover with elements 1, 2, and 3.

5. Post your album cover on Facebook and tag all the people whose new albums you’d like to see.

OPI’s South Beach Collection!

Here it is, the spring lineup of glorious new OPI polish colors!


And here they are in their little bottles,
with their cute little names!


OPI's South Beach Collection!

Here it is, the spring lineup of glorious new OPI polish colors!


And here they are in their little bottles,
with their cute little names!


Folk Festival

I’m going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival this weekend.
It’s been going for 47 years!
This year they’ve planned some changes.

On a personal level, I’m ambivalent.
Pro: It’s wonderful. It’s not in Philadelphia,
but on a farm near where I grew up.
The music is very good, and they define
“folk” to include everything east of jazz
and west of rock, or whatever.
The crowd is relaxed and all ages are there.
I’ll see old friends.
It’s a change of routine.
Great photo opportunities.
I’ll meet my Secret Swappee!
I can knit while watching stuff.
I’ll be by myself, so I can do what I want, talk to strangers, sit and read.
They have a juried craft display with tempting things for sale.
Another Pro: It’s a tradition.
I’ve gone off and on for a million years.

Con: It’s a tradition. Because
I’ve gone off and on for a million years,
there are a lot of memories.
My brother volunteered there.
He even went just before he died.
I remember stuff that happened, folks who are gone, etc.
Con: I’ll be by myself and everyone else will have a date.
My sister-in-law will be there, which might be weird.
It’s a long drive.
I’ll miss my husband not being there too.
Plus, I feel like he’s annoyed I’m skipping off to take a little vacation.
YT can’t come.
The Folk Fest is always hot in the day and cold and rainy every night.
I’ll be tempted to buy stuff.

Sybille Baier – The Colour Green

When I visited Nora in Bellingham, she introduced me (note how mature “she introduced me” sounds compared to, say, “she turned me on to”?) an enchanting cd with a great back story.

In the early 1970’s Sybille Baier recorded songs on a reel to reel tape, just her and her guitar. Decades later, her son found the tape in the attic and gave it to J. Mascis, who gave it to Orange Twin who issued The Colour Green in 2006. Since then, it’s become a cult favorite.
The story is told here.
Here’s a review from

That Nora, she’s a cool girl.

Bellingham Washington

The first batch of photos from


McClellanville, South Carolina

of McClellanville in the summer.

Brandi Carlile – The Story

A new discovery – Brandi Carlile.
Her new cd ‘The Story’ is getting good Reviews.
It’s good – check it out!


North Carolina Mountains

Are they really this beautiful?


August Afternoon in Orange County

I took this on Richard Lane, north of Hillsborough.

Tupac sleeping in the sunlight

I love the almost translucent ear.


SpanishMoss, Taken in McClellansville, South Carolina

dusty street, hot hot afternoon

It was over 100 degrees when I took the banner photo at the top of the page, and the group of trees just above. It was July in McClellansville, South Carolina. It was so hot, and mosquitoes were so thick you could brush them off, and if you thought about it too closely you’d get the creeps and start dancing and saying eek! It was so humid that – oh, forget it. It was uncomfortable, okay? But I love the pictures from that day, and this is one of them.