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Webpage Updated

New background, a few new sites, old links shuffled around –

Knitting on Cloud Nine

This knitting blog has a lot of cute widgets –
Knitting On Cloud IX

Goddess Knits Shawl Started!

Here is the yarn – a 2/18 merino/silk 50/50 jaggerspun laceweight in “curry” which is a lovely honey color.




Artfire Ambush!

My first Artfire Tuesday night Ambush

Every Tuesday people “ambush” an unsuspecting seller.
I bought this photo,
which I found this photo compelling and evocative:


It was taken in Australia.

Waiting Game with Stab Wound

The biopsy took all day yesterday.
Today it hurts.
I have a new sympathy for stabbing victims.
Next week they’ll tell me what they learned from this.

Meanwhile, time to accentuate the positive,
get back to work, and
distract myself with yarn!

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl 09

I have joined the Goddess Knits summer KAL, the Anniversary Mystery Shawl 09.

I’m using Jaggerspun Zephyr 50/50 Wool/Tussah Silk
in a gorgeous honey color called “curry”
I’ll photograph it when I have sunlight.

New UFO Plan

I just can’t can’t can’t knit only one thing at a time,
especially when the one thing is something I got
bored with awhile ago and am finishing only as a
gesture of love for the recipient, rather than as
a challenge in its own right.

New Plan:
I will knit up to four things at a time.
I have to finish one before I can work on another.
In other words, no knitting seven things at once!

Currently up to bat:
1. Blue fingering weight merino scarf for dad.
2. Koigu pppm bookmark.
3. Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl.
4. Wild silk jewel tones basketweave scarf.

This is great, because the projects are varied,
in yarn, scope, difficulty, etc. Yay.

Biopsy Manana

Sooo …. tomorrow I have a liver biopsy so they can find out
more about – my liver, I suppose. One of those adventures
that manages to combine anxiety, discomfort, and boredom
in one package!

If you’re the praying type, go for it.
I’m looking for a really dull biopsy here.
I want to hear “It just confirmed our diagnosis.”
I do not want to hear anything starting with
“There’s no easy way to say this.”


Knitted Knickers

I wonder if there are patterns for knitting your own —
what do we call them? —
knickers? pettipants? bloomers?

Those things that are like underpants that go half way to the knee, or like a half-slip that has legs.

I wonder.
If you’ve seen patterns for these, I’d love to know.

New Discovery!

Marnie MacLean
She has some beautiful designs!