Daily Archives: December 24, 2006

Love, Actually

It’s Christmas Eve, time to watch the movie Love, Actually my favorite Christmas movie. But first, we have a spate of mix-ups and problems to get through. Nora came home for a week, arriving at the Greensboro airport this morning. Unfortunately, after the Official PickerUpper left to get her, I told him to go to the Raleigh airport instead . . . and then said “oops! Never mind!” So back he went (another 2 hours) to Greensboro. Meanwhile, Aunt Emily in Atlanta has gone to the emergency room with a possible concussion . . . stay tuned.

North Carolina Mountains

Are they really this beautiful?


A Great Day in Harlem

Cultural Literacy – 23 December 2006.

A Great Day in Harlem is the name of a wonderful 1958 photograph of 57 jazz musicians, taken by Art Kane. The photo has also been the subject of a documentary that well worth viewing.


Cultural Literacy – “things you really should know”