Stem Cell Research & Global Warming – Please Explain

Questions That I Need Answered:

1. The right tries to discredit the no-longer-debated proof that global warming is a reality by positing that this is another predictable trick by the left to scare people. But, they don’t explain WHY progressives, liberals, or radicals on the left would gain anything by warning people about global warming if it weren’t true? What’s in it for them/us? What’s the theory here? As near as I can figure, it goes something like this – “Them tree-huggers and liberals just hate to see the common man get ahead (so, um, what about their support of increased minimum wage and universal health care?) but anyway, the lefties hate to see folks succeed, especially corporate folks, and they’d rather pass more laws that let the government interfere with our personal lives, (but isn’t it the right that likes laws about private sexual behavior, personal medical decisions, etc?), so if they convince folks to worry about global warming and drive less or whatever, then um . . . . like I said, what’s the theory here?

2. What the hell does stem cell research have to do with abortion, really?  Has there ever been a woman on earth who said to herself, “Gee, I was going to have this baby but, y’know, if I abort it maybe the embryonic cells will be used for research.”


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