Daily Archives: April 29, 2007

Elizabeth Kucinich – Giving Hope to Geeks the World Over!

Dennis Kucinich is running for president again. He seems like a nice guy, and I agree with most of his positions and policies (although I’m a little annoyed that he’s running when he-doesn’t-have-a-chance, instead of supporting
Barak Obama,
who is my choice at least for now.) So, nice guy and pretty good views.
Kucinich is NOT a hunk, a hottie, a ladies’ man, or whatever this week’s label is. He’s about 60 years old, short, and kind of nerdy looking. Last week after the Democratic candidates debated, their families milled around onstage. I wandered into the kitchen and told my husband that they all looked predictably bland, “except one of the candidates has a beautiful daughter. She’s taller than all the men, and has the most beautiful waist-length red hair I’ve ever seen.”
Boy, was I wrong.
The beautiful redhead was actually 28 year old Elizabeth Kucinich, Dennis Kucinich’s wife.
Imagine that!
A few pictures of the happy couple –