Happy Birthday to Me, Yesterday

I believe one should thoroughly enjoy one’s birthday. I relish the one day a year to be feted, wined, dined, and legitimately the center of attention. I find an excuse to tell every stranger and sales clerk that it’s my birthday. Yesterday was a lovely birthday day for me. There were flowers waiting at work, along with a once-a-year-is-okay chocolate cheesecake, cards, and a gift. After work Staples, Evan, and I ate at Flying Burrito, a Local restaurant and long-time favorite.
Before the Flying Burrito opened, it was the site of a combination convenience store & laundramat where I used to do law school homework while waiting for the dryers to finish tumbling. Sometimes my contracts professor, Walker Blakey
was also there, maybe doing his laundry too? blakeywalkerjameson.jpgHe lived in the apartments across the street, so it was possible. Anyway, ONE DAY, as I backed out of the parking space in front of the then-laundramat, I was looking back and not paying attention to the front of the car and  scraped the car next to me.  It had never occurred to me that you had to look front when backing up, and I remember that as the moment I learned this important driving lesson.
Well, last night as I backed out, carefully looking both front and back, I realized that the parking spaces in that parking lot are too narrow and the rows too close together. Hmmph.
Uh, where was I? Oh yeah, lovely birthday and no car scrapes!

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