Obama's Crazy Preacher

So, okay, Obama belongs to a church whose preacher,
whom Obama admires and is friends with, has been known
to break bad with the crazy ‘white devils’ talk.   Eh.

Ultimately, this publicity will help him, not hurt him. Why?

1. It establishes him as one of the first Democratic candidates with bona fide religious credentials. With his embarrassing preacher and all, Obama is a real Christian, just like the right wing Christians. In comparison, Clinton seems like she just pretends to be religious, like everything else she pretends. How great – a Democrat on the hot seat for involvement with a crazy preacher, not for being an atheist.

2. It gave him the chance to make a wonderful speech about race relations.

3. It humanizes him. Now Obama isn’t just a symbol of Generational Change, he’s a flesh and blood person, complete with occasional lapses of judgment and embarrassing friends and/or relatives.

4. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been embarrassed by a relative or close friend’s *ahem* social views. Looks like everyone put their hand up!

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