Hil – Don’t Go There

So, Hillary Clinton has been criticizing Obama for
not leaving his church after Rev. Wright said some bad things.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her silence on Senator Barack Obama’s pastor on Tuesday, sharply criticizing Mr. Obama for not leaving the Chicago church where the pastor made inflammatory remarks about the United States, spread conspiracy theories about the government and made sensational comments about Mrs. Clinton.
“Given all that we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor,” Mrs. Clinton, of New York, said on Tuesday of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., at a news conference in Greensburg, Pa.

Hillary is criticizing Obama for not leaving
after his preacher did something wrong.
Does anyone else see the irony?
Does Hillary really want to start a discussion about how
people should leave a situation after someone does
something wrong like, oh you know, maybe
has an affair with an intern and humiliates you in front of the world, something like that?

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