UFO Roll Call

1. Baby Sweater – all the pieces are finished.  I’ve decided to wait until the next time I’m at my LYS on a Sunday before I sew the pieces together.  I made this as part of a class and, even though I fell hopelessly behind the official schedule, I’m hoping the teacher (who works there on Sundays) will kindly advise me on the finishing.

2. Striped Lousia Harding sweater – Stripes?? WHAT WAS I THINKING?? But, I’ve spent a lot on the yarn in four different colors . . . I’ve started it, but to my eye the “carrying the yarn up the side till the next time you use it” looks ragged.  What to do?
Should I  –
a. Ditch the whole thing and not throw good time/money after bad?
b. Carry on and see how it looks after six inches?
c. Frog the two inches I’ve done so far and start over, this time being more careful about the carrying?
The yarns are pretty, the colors are pretty, I just don’t usually wear stripes . . . something came over me in the yarn store, like maybe if I bought this I’d become the kind of person who is on a sailboat, blonde hair blowing in the wind, pastel striped sweater gracefully over my shoulders . . . except I’ve never had blonde hair, get seasick on boats, and don’t wear pastels or stripes.  I don’t know.  Is it stubborn to continue, wasteful to abandon it, or too soon to tell?

3. Nora’s socks.  I’m taking them on the plane and won’t leave Bellingham till they’re done!

Hey!  The list of UFO’s is shrinking!  Maybe I’m forgetting something . . .

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