Stash, Reconsidered

More on the trip to Bellingham.
First, without getting too dramatic, it was a much-needed visit. Our family Christmas was – not so good. Since then, I’ve thought/read a lot about the adjustments and changes required on all sides, if parents and adult children are to have a good relationship. It was delightful to find her more grown up on this visit! A nice, *appropriate* boyfriend, working hard, hanging with friends, healthy and happy.
Here are a few
Pictures of Nora and her new beau and her/my new matching tattoos!

While I was there I offered to buy her some yarn, since we both knit. She didn’t want any, saying “I’m not going to be done the scarf for Josh for awhile, and I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood to knit then.” Well, of course. She “likes to knit one thing at a time.” This has given me more to reflect on . . . why do I acquire so much yarn just because I like it, with no actual plan for what I might do with one or two skeins of this or that?

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