Correct Yarn Winding

When  one is winding yarn into a ball, because one forgot
to ask the person at the LYS to wind it on an automatic
yarn winder thing, HOW do you know if you’re winding it

“Correctly” means winding it so that when you knit with it,
it doesn’t twist endlessly, requiring you to stop every
five minutes & hold the knitting from above, watching it
ever-so-slowly twirl back the other way.


3 responses to “Correct Yarn Winding

  1. There’s a correct way? I always figured if it made it into a ball, I was home free.

  2. Hi-for some reason your posts which say they have photos in them on the Ravelry feed, never have photos when I try to view the post..are your photos not “public” somehow?

  3. Hi Brandy,
    I have no idea. I don’t really know what the Ravelry “feed” is, so I’m not sure where to start fixing this. But, no, I don’t have anything on my blog or website restricted or private. Hmmn. What/where is the Ravelry feed? Maybe I”ll start there.

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