So Adorable, and Yet So Wrong Somehow

This afternoon I saw two absolutely charming
tiny spotted newborn fawns, eating a neighbor’s
flowers.  In the dappled sunlight, they could not
have been more entrancing – yet, they remind me
of the canary in a coal mine.

It’s almost August.  There shouldn’t be newborn
fawns now.  And, of course, they should have
somewhere else to eat besides a built-up suburban

Is it overdevelopment ?   Global warming?

2 responses to “So Adorable, and Yet So Wrong Somehow

  1. Neither. It’s overpopulation from too stringent hunting restrictions. There are more deer in the U.S. now than there were before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.

    What we need is a venison lovers lobby!

  2. Or a few coyotes.
    Ever read Prodigal Summer?
    Predators can be a good thing.

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