Lacy Mystery is Starkers

Am I the only one who thinks this KAL has become a little crazy-crazy?
I sent $10.00 months and months ago.
At this point I don’t even care about the pattern, much less the KAL.
It’s all kind of absurd. Not meaning to sound callous, and
truly, I have no idea what the tragic disaster was —
car wreck? divorce? theft? computer crises?

But, whatevs. No tragedy, not even your whole family being wiped out,
would keep a person from walking to Kinko’s, paying for an hour of computer time,
and emailing the ding-danged pattern.

I only read this because the drama queen aspect makes me laugh.
Yeah, I know this will inspire a new round of “How cruel people are!!”

Again, I have no clue what the author’s circumstances are.
However, wouldn’t you have either (1) sent the pattern, or (2) returned the money, or (3) apologized for not being able to do either, like MONTHS ago? If it were you? I sure would have.

One response to “Lacy Mystery is Starkers

  1. I agree 100%. If this does start a round of how cruel can you people be then so be it. I would like the pattern or my money returned. I know I can use the yarn for another project but a committment should be honored on the other end. Thanks for speaking out.

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