Daily Archives: November 28, 2008

Well, Now What??

I have about ten thousand plans for scarves, scarf kits, balls of yarn earmarked for scarves, lace scarf plans, warm scarf ideas, etc. Now I learn that neither my son, husband, sister, neice or nephew wear scarves!!

How do they keep their necks warm?

Good thing my daughter loves scarves . . . and I do too!

Black Friday Shopping Bargains!

Wow, what a day!
My husband and I sayed up ALL NIGHT in order to hit the first sales at 4:00 a.m.!
We planned our strategy and it really paid off.
4:00 a.m.
I went to J.C. Penny’s and scored a crockpot and faux-leather handbag
while hubby was at Sears getting a new flat screen TV
(the old one is six months old, after all!)
oh, and new tool sets!
5:00 a.m.
On to Belks and Macy’s for more bargains galore!
6:00 a.m.
Target and WalMart!
Then on the way home, a quick stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods,
for some, you know, sporting good stuff.
Time for breakfast!

P.S. Anyone who believes a single word of this
doesn’t know me or my husband very well.

Recent Events

Recent Events:
November 4:
Regime Change – Yes.We.Did!
My boss did not get re-elected but, luckily, one of
the incoming judges hired me. Yay!
November 7 – 20:
Bellingham, Washington, helping Nora with stuff.
Coming soon to a blog near you, a post about Bellingham!
November 21 – 26:
catching up on work, etc., etc.
November 27:
* burp *
Thanksgiving at my sister’s house.

November 28 – today that is.