Merry Christmas!!

To celebrate, here is a photo of a knitted
nativity scene that someone made from a
Jean Greenhowe pattern.


One response to “Merry Christmas!!

  1. Excellent and interesting post. I sometimes feel like I have not prepared my own children for the real world like my parents did with me. For instance, my daughter really didn’t know how to cook until after she left home. The thing was that she never really had an interest in cooking whereas I as a child loved to bake and cook. I think now kids have the choice to learn what they want which is definitely an improvement. However, they sometimes don’t get the direction that they should have gotten from their parents because the family has evolved. I do sometimes think that the children of today are more independent and self reliant because they’ve had to be.

    Also sounds like you have a mean set of skills and I also think if you wanted those mechanical skills would be there too. 17 years ago I took a job at a factory and had no mechanical skills. I remember the first time I had to change the drive belts on the line for a changeover. I was terrifiedbut I did it. Can’t say I loved it but I did it! I think we are all probably capable of more things than we could imagine possible.

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