Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

My Boss is Very Nice. And Smart.

I have just the nicest person to work for that I can remember.
One way to explain is all the things she doesn’t do.

She doesn’t have temper tantrums or shout at us.
She is consistently friendly, even-tempered, and kind.
She laughs a lot.
She is warm, while respecting appropriate boundaries.
If you pass her in a narrow hall, she doesn’t pretend to have a sudden spell of blindness causing her not to see you.
She occasionally takes us out to lunch or brings cookies.
When we go out to lunch, we get to do some of the talking.
If you discuss a work-related project with her, you don’t have to suffer through five follow up conversations about how you “feel” about the first discussion.
She isn’t neurotic, repressed, angry, in the closet, on the ramparts, out of control, over the top, under the weather, beside herself, at the breaking point, in over her head, or other preposition-related status.
She doesn’t have to run for office for years and years!

Some ________s have a philosophy of only having their assistants for one year before nudging them out of the nest. If she adopts this approach, I may have to look for another job in six months. But, for the moment, I have stopped cringing and waiting for the other shoe to drop, and am just enjoying this situation.