Biopsy Manana

Sooo …. tomorrow I have a liver biopsy so they can find out
more about – my liver, I suppose. One of those adventures
that manages to combine anxiety, discomfort, and boredom
in one package!

If you’re the praying type, go for it.
I’m looking for a really dull biopsy here.
I want to hear “It just confirmed our diagnosis.”
I do not want to hear anything starting with
“There’s no easy way to say this.”


4 responses to “Biopsy Manana

  1. Wow! you seem so calm. I’ll certainly offer up some words to the Big Power on your behalf. Going to UNC? dook?

    Keep us up to date Tamsie. Since I’ve just discovered we are “neighbors” please, let me know if you need anything.


  2. Good luck! I recently went through another breast biopsy so I totally relate to your fears. It’s so much fun to have your boob clamped in the mammovice, flattened and have needles shot through it but it does feel good when you hear the words all benign later.

  3. Update? How are you?

  4. I’m okay. I didn’t expect this to hurt the next day. a learning experience.

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