How to Make a Christmas Check Special!

Follow Up – and it was a big success!

We are giving our son money for Christmas/graduation.
This morning I made a “holder” for the check.

First, I sewed a block of 9 batik squares,
then sewed another block of 9 batik squares,
then sewed the two blocks together.

Then I sewed 2 smaller blocks of 4 batik squares,
and sewed them together.
Next, I sewed the small block to the bigger block.

Finally, I made fasteners for each “layer” of the cloth envelope.
Like so/sew:
A sterling silver star pin with adjustable limbs pins the outer layer shut:

Here is a closeup of Mr. Star:

Now we start to open the outer flaps:

The inside block is black & white for contrast with the vibrant batik:

The inner envelope is held shut with a sterling necklace clasp:

Let’s open it up!

Finally, this is the back:

I am irrationally proud of this idea and of making it a reality!
If anyone wants to copy this, feel free!

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