Moonfleet Lessons

Okay, time for a confession. Remember that boy in high school who carried a condom around for years, just in case he got lucky? Well, my collection of laceweight yarn is similar – Moonfleet is the first significant item I’ve actually knit from laceweight yarn. I’m part way through Clue One, and have learned a few lessons . . . the hard way!

Moonfleet Rules

1. Moonfleet is best knitted at a table.

2. With good lighting.

3. Without a crime show on the TV.

4. When I’m wide awake.

5. Moonfleet is not advised to be knitted curled up in a chair, late at night, with beads rolling everywhere, while trying to figure out who is after Agent Gibbs and why.

6. Before every row of every repeat, it is advisable to check the chart, count the stitches and verify that All is Well.

Break these rules at your peril!

3 responses to “Moonfleet Lessons

  1. OK Tamsie- I get it! Moonfleet is a piece of lace knitting with beads threaded on the yarn! I’ve just ordered some Centolavaggi to knit my first fine laceweight thing, so here’s hoping! Bet you make something amazing!

  2. Hilarious post…only because I’m not the poor knitter who is trying to knit Moonfleet. I’m sure you didn’t find any of it funny.

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