Daily Archives: May 14, 2011

Facebook and Existential Absurdity

So, let’s say you’re contacted on Facebook by and old pal, co-worker, ex-sweetie,
schoolmate, or partner in crime whom you haven’t seen in many many years, decades even.
You friend each other, and exchange a few very brief ‘OMG it’s been so long!’ messages.

And then?

Then one of you says something that amounts to
“Well, my goodness what have you been up to?”

I am old enough that the answer is so absurd I break out in giggles thinking about it.

“Well, gosh, let’s see . . . okay, after you left the restaurant, I kept working there
for a few more months and then I went to law school and after that I got married
about 25 years ago and, oh somewhere in there of course I stopped going
out every night, and well, anyway, we had two kids who are now
in their 20’s, I stayed at home for awhile, then went back to work, and . . . um . . .
So, basically I grew up, got married, raised kids, lived my life, and now I’m getting older.

Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?