Knitting Books!!

I have logged all my knitting books onto Library Thing where I’m signed in as “Angel Baby” if you’d like to link up or whatever.
My present count of written materials about knitting includes:

One hundred eighty five (185!) books
The entire run of the British magizine, The Knitter from the first issue.
Four or five years of Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knitting, Wild Fibers, Verena, KnitScene, and Knitter’s Magazine.
Ten looseleaf binders of patterns stored in plastic sheets and organized by type.
Several magizine holder file things full of one-off pattern collections.
Knitting books I inherited from my mother.

I know, crazy, right? Anyway, I was thinking it might be nice to review some of the books, since I’m in such a good position to compare and contrast, what with having, just for one example, about fifteen books on knitting socks, which is probably what helped me knit the one pair of socks I’ve actually finished.

Whatcha think?

One response to “Knitting Books!!

  1. And I thought I had a library! 🙂

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