Wierd Girls

Why do my favorite mystery/action/sci-fi books always have such small, weird heroines?

Snow Crash – Y.T.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc. – Lizbeth
Smilla’s Sense of Snow – Smilla.

The females are always
Have amazing, unusual talents.
Are survivors of a backstory ranging from odd to horrific.

Next time, I want to read about a tall, relatively ordinary girl.

2 responses to “Wierd Girls

  1. I’m currently working on a mystery novel. All the main characters are women (and fiber arts work their way through the story!), and one is very tall. As am I. 🙂

  2. was told she could not get it, so incensed were the officials in the court-house over what they considered a very foolish act–that of giving her property away. She therefore proceeded without it. The party traveled overland to Louisville, Kentucky, the people of their neighborhood all regretted their going bcause they had filled such a useful place. Aunt Charlotta, as she was commonly called, made the best ginger bread of any one round about and at all the basket meetings, protracted meetings and other gatherings, both white and black, she was always there to sell her famous ginger bread cookies and other delicacies. Uncle Harry was missed for his tradesmanship, too, for it would take a long time for the white people of the plantations to find some one to make harness or half sole shoes as neatly as he had done it.

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