Daily Archives: March 2, 2019


I basically hate Twitter, and I especially hate the fact that it has become the universal forum for expression of thoughts.

I don’t hate social media in general. I have a blog and I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, ello, Ravelry, Disquis, Flickr, and a dozen others. I just hate Twitter.

The problem with Twitter is that it’s awful to use on a phone. It’s okay on a full sized monitor, but so what? On a phone it’s small, crowded, confusing, cramped, clunky, and a no doubt some other C words I’m missing.

For example, say you like someone’s tweet. In other apps there are icons right there to like, share, recommend, etc. In Twitter you click the tweet and get a list of options, most of which I don’t get.

I don’t like the competitive aspect of who has the most followers. When Trump has a zillion followers, how can it be a sign of wit or wisdom?

I don’t understand Twitter ratios and I’m not interested in learning a new math formula.

I mostly hate the way Twitter has defeated my attempts to use it. I am old it’s true, but not technologically illiterate. I have a website for which I did all the Xhtml coding. But for some reason, every time I reload Twitter on my phone I end up deleting it. I hate Twitter.