Bright Side

I won this yarn in a charity auction that raised over $14,000 for the Coalition to Stop Violence against Native Women. The pattern is called Bright Side, by Makenzie Alvarez, and the yarn was dyed by Knitted Wit.

Bubble gum!! Summer sherbet!! My Little Ponies!! I’m proud to have supported this cause. Depending on the final result, I may give the shawl to a child.

2 responses to “Bright Side

  1. Merike Saarniit

    This would be fun to do in that casapinka pattern – the solids in the pattern bands and the painted in the garter dividers. Quit when you run out of solids, small enough for a child.

  2. Merike Saarniit

    Is there a link to the bright side pattern or did you get a hard copy?

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