2020 Ticket

Time to consider the best 2020 Democratic ticket. Disclaimer: Just my opinion:


We cannot win with a ticket that is two white men.

We need a woman on the ticket, and we also need a non-white person on the ticket. Yes, I realize that if Stacy Abrams or Kamala Harris is on the ticket, that takes care of both.

We need a presidential candidate that Cousin Louise would vote for. (Louise, my second cousin, is an educated, suburban Republican who is dismayed by Trump. My own one-person demographic!).

Candidates being ruled out. This exercise does not consider candidates who appear to have no chance of winning, although WHO KNOWS, I certainly ruled out Voldemort in 2016. Management is ruling out the following:

Yang – one trick pony with low poll numbers.

Williamson – she actually has some good ideas, but oh well.

All those white guys on the sides of the stage in the first 2 debates.

Possible tickets.

1. Biden and someone. I’m not enthused. He’s too old, too old fashioned, too dull, too more of the same. But he is the front runner for now anyway, so okay. Let’s give him a good running mate, either Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams. That would boost turnout, Louise would vote for him, and I think he’d win. Not enthused though.

2. Bernie and someone? No. I just won’t. He is passionate about his ideas, his ideas are good ones, but my instinct is no. He seems more interested in shouting than in the nitty gritty of governing, and Louise would balk at voting for him. If he is the nominee, who would run with him? Klobuchar to add a woman and a moderate? Stacy or Kamala?

3. Elizabeth Warren! She has plans! If she tweaks her positions just a little (that’s a separate post), Louise would vote for her. She comes across as peppy and practical. Let’s pair her with Cory Booker, and we’ve ticked the racial and gender boxes with 2 nice people. I like Buttigieg better than Booker, but racial diversity is necessary to drive turnout. Best ticket so far.

4. Kamala Harris and somebody? Buttigieg and somebody? Would the two of them be a good ticket? Putting this match aside for now.

5. Klobuchar, O’Rourke, Castro. Sorry guys, but I don’t see a place for you. I don’t trust Amy, and both Beto and Julian have shown lapses in judgment, and I don’t want to vote for any of them.

One response to “2020 Ticket

  1. I sure do agree with you on all of the above.

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