Brief Rant

It happens that we have a 2 party system in this country. Maybe another system or way of counting votes would be better, but that’s not what’s on my mind today. For now, elected officials are generally either Democrats or Republicans. Fact. It makes a big difference who is elected. Fact. People who hope to have an influence on elections generally work within one party or the other. Also Fact. Working within the Democratic Party (no experience with the other one) is often dull tedious work: meetings, more meetings, phone banks, Voter registration tables, mailing postcards, putting up signs, taking down signs, handing out leaflets on election day. Fact. It’s not exciting stuff. Fact. If a person is willing to do this work, they can have more influence in their party. They can attend precinct meetings, county conventions, maybe even go to the national convention. If a person is not willing to do dull party work, they will have less influence on their party. Fact, fact, fact. My own beloved sister has put hundreds of hours into fundraising for her county’s Democratic party, in addition to a full time job and other volunteer work. So, I would appreciate it if, when you do not get involved in the tedious meetings, sign putting up and taking down, etc. of political party work and then the Democratic party makes a decision with which you disagree, that you refrain from characterizing the decision makers as “hacks” and “scum.” In return I will refrain from characterizing Bernie supporters as immature adolescent posers. Thank you.

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