I basically hate Twitter, and I especially hate the fact that it has become the universal forum for expression of thoughts.

I don’t hate social media in general. I have a blog and I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, ello, Ravelry, Disquis, Flickr, and a dozen others. I just hate Twitter.

The problem with Twitter is that it’s awful to use on a phone. It’s okay on a full sized monitor, but so what? On a phone it’s small, crowded, confusing, cramped, clunky, and a no doubt some other C words I’m missing.

For example, say you like someone’s tweet. In other apps there are icons right there to like, share, recommend, etc. In Twitter you click the tweet and get a list of options, most of which I don’t get.

I don’t like the competitive aspect of who has the most followers. When Trump has a zillion followers, how can it be a sign of wit or wisdom?

I don’t understand Twitter ratios and I’m not interested in learning a new math formula.

I mostly hate the way Twitter has defeated my attempts to use it. I am old it’s true, but not technologically illiterate. I have a website for which I did all the Xhtml coding. But for some reason, every time I reload Twitter on my phone I end up deleting it. I hate Twitter.



Mystery of the day – why did I binge watch both seasons of Bordertown on Netflix?

Bordertown is a police drama set in Lappeenranta, Finland, near the Russian border. It features the customary staples of such shows: brilliant but quirky detective, earnest young detective learning from him, pretty young women in peril, possible perp introduced 7 minutes into the show who turns out not to be the bad guy, medical examiner quipping about corpses killed in grotesquely creative ways.

But Bordertown also has its own unique flaws! For example –

The worst dubbing ever. One can forgive the fact that the dubbed in voices don’t match the actors’ mouths because the actors were speaking Finnish. But the dubbing also doesn’t match the captioning, and sometimes the difference is significant – the dubbed voice says “Go to hell you bastard” while the caption says “I think you should leave now.” ALSO, the dubbed voices of the main characters have the odd wooden affect of an embarrassed 6th grader forced to read from Shakespeare.

Moreover, the quirky detective has a special personal “method” of solving crimes using a “memory palace.” His secret method consists of putting lines of duct tape on the floor, appearing to play Twister with himself by moving his hands or feet into sections of the tape, and then grimacing while he tries to remember clues.

One more uniquely bad thing – Bordertown presents Russia and the Russian people with the same nuanced sensitivity as that employed by Trump when discussing Mexicans. In this show the Russians are always more violent, crude, venal, and untrustworthy than the Finns. Who knew that Russians were the (I can’t think of a substitute for N-word) of Finland?

So why did I watch it? I dunno. The acting seemed good – if only they had just had captions and skipped the dubbing.

Finland is pretty in the 15 minutes of summer – there wasn’t a single scene in which it was cold or snowy.

Oh, and I absolutely loved the names of Finnish children – Lumi, Onni, Esa, Joona, Reko.

The relationship between the FSB agent and her daughter was good, and well acted.

Bottom line us probably that knitting TV only has to be good enough to stave off boredom during the wrong side rows.

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Michael Cohen

A great thing about retirement is that I can watch Cohen testimony all day, and my observations are:

Cohen is telling the truth. (This time.)

I knew he was skeevy, but was surprised that he’s also quick witted.

Elijah Cummings is a good person.

Tiny Moss Habitat

A few weeks ago while walking on a jungle trail in Costa Rica a small round rock caught my eye. It was lying on the edge of the path like a little round potato, maybe 2 or 3 inches across. I put it in a pocket and brought it home.

At home I saw that there were patches of moss clinging to the rock. I’ve started soaking it in cool water for a few minutes every morning, which inspires the moss to straighten up, unfurl, and display some green. I love this.


Random 2020 Thoughts

1. All the (Democratic) candidates are okay; the only important question is who can win.

2. Sometimes I think we can’t win without a candidate who revs up the young ones and the POC, hi Kamala, Cory, Pete, Julian.

3. Sometimes I think that the defining feature of the past 2.5 years is anxiety, so that we only win with a candidate who exudes stability and comfort, hi Joe.

4. If I happen to remember the Kavanaugh hearing, all I want is a woman candidate, hi Eizabeth.

5. Also, sometimes I frame the question in terms of my second cousin L____. Although L has been a Republican, I think she would vote for a Democrat who she did not perceive as an extremist, hi Amy, Kirsten, Sherrod.

What do you think, nonexistent readers?

Tico Times

Stay tuned, nonexistent audience, for photos from Costa Rica.

Taking Requests

I generally assume that no one looks at this except me, but just in case –

I am updating my webpage.  If there is something you think should be publicized, I will consider it.