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Yarn Storage

This post is about storing yarn, but first a photo I found while researching this. I love this picture!

Okay, back to business. I’ve been thinking about the best ways of storing yarn. I am way past the “few skeins picturesquely displayed in a basket” stage and well into the “plastic bags on the floor of the closet” situation.

Baskets are nice for current projects. I have two nice baskets, but limited baskets-on-parade space to display them.

I saw a blog today where someone was using large glass bottles – I’d never heard of that before and will keep my eyes out in the thrift shop.

Open shelves have many advantages, but offer no protection from insects. Also, you know how depressed these balls get in winter – that’s the only explanation I can think of for the way they’re so prone to suicide leaps out of the shelving and onto the floor, rolling off the shelf at the slightest setback in their plans.

Conclusion: I think the best type of storage might be chicken coop style shelves, each with a slight tilt-back or front-edge panel. As for the bugs, vulnerable skeins can always be in ziplock in the shelves.

Here’s a photo of the kind of shelves I imagine: