Setting for Imaginary TV Show

Raleigh House – Setting for Imagined TV Show

I walk past this house every day. It’s divided into apartments, each with a large 12 x 12 foot porch. Every day I imagine it as the perfect setting for a television show, with a cast carefully chosen to be “diverse” in every possible way. At the beginning of the program all the tenants would come out on their respective porches. Let’s see . . . there would be a young couple in one apartment, perhaps with a baby; maybe a couple of young and unmarried people in another; an old person in one; non-English speaking people in one apartment; perhaps a reclusive sort in one unit; or an animal nut in one; oh, and one apartment would have a person who is attracted to someone in another apartment, allowing for their gradual courtship. Of course, the tenants would also be nicely assorted as to racial or ethnic identity, sexual orientation, and political viewpoint. It would begin and end and often take place on those wonderful porches. Can’t you just see it?

One more thing – I totally photoshopped that picture. I took it at dusk on a cloudy day from a parking lot, then deleted most of the parking lot, brightened it all up, and added that glorious blue sky. I’ll post the original sometime.

So – what should the show be called? Who should star?

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