Raleigh-Based Ministry for Gay Evangelical Christians

12 December 2006 – Today’s NY Times has a front page article about http://gaychristian.net/, a ministry for gay Christians started by a Raleigh man. The article, http://tinyurl.com/w4zbn highlights the dilemma often faced by gay Christians –

“Justin Lee believes that the Virgin birth was real, that there is a heaven and a hell, that salvation comes through Christ alone and that he, the 29-year-old son of Southern Baptists, is an evangelical Christian. Just as he is certain about the tenets of his faith, Mr. Lee also knows he is gay, that he did not choose it and cannot change it. . . . Gay evangelicals seem to have few paths carved out for them: they can leave religion behind; they can turn to theologically liberal congregations that often differ from the tradition they grew up in; or they can enter programs to try to change their behavior, even their orientation, through prayer and support. But as gay men and lesbians grapple with their sexuality and an evangelical upbringing they cherish, some have come to accept both.”

Many gay Christians are still taught that their natural sexual orientation is inherently sinful. I can’t imagine how it feels to be told that your own nature is evil, and it’s infuriating that that some churches that preach such a gospel. Perhaps someday Christian congregations will embrace all worshipers, as I believe Jesus intended. Meanwhile, I hope this ministry will be a source of fellowship and support for gay Christians.

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