Detroit Riots of 1967

On 23 July 1967 city police in Detroit, Michigan raided a liquor house at the corner of 12th and Clairmount in west Detroit, and arrested a few people for illegal alcohol consumption.  Thus began the second worst riot in our nation’s history.  The rioting went on for five days and resulted in 43 deaths, 467 injuries, more than 7,000 arrests, and over 2,000 buildings destroyed by fire.   Although the arrests of 23 July precipitated the violence, the underlying causes of the riot had been simmering for some time. Today, the corner is marked by a small park and sculpture.

6 responses to “Detroit Riots of 1967

  1. Can you please tell me about the above pictured sculpture? What does it represent? Where is it located?


  2. How is The Detriot riot of 1967 related to michigan history?

  3. “How is The Detriot riot of 1967 related to michigan history?”

    Are you asking me this question? It reminds me of a history exam question – “Explain the role of the Detroit riot of 1967 in Michigan’s history?”
    If you’re asking me, I’ll take a go at it.

  4. Question: How is the Detroit riot of 1967 related to michigan history? The 1967 riot is history because it was a race disturbance that brought about a lot of local and govermental changes, a closer look at racism was done, a lot of positive changes came about because of the riot and a lot of things are still the same.

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