Why I Won’t Watch Sadaam’s Hanging

I find it offensive and repugnant that so many websites are airing the video of Sadaam Hussein’s hanging.   Essentially, the video is a snuff film, watched for its excitement value. 

My disgust with this has nothing to do with the war, national or international politics, capital punishment, or any other subject of current interest.   I’m against the war and the death penalty.  But, I’m also against secret videotaping of an individual’s death throes, even an individual as bad as Sadaam.    

5 responses to “Why I Won’t Watch Sadaam’s Hanging

  1. Agreed. it’s a disgusting display of being “civilized”

  2. Though I think hanging was too good for him, I didn’t watch it (intentionally — tough missing it) either.

    But part of me also believes that his hanging should have been broadcast, if only to the Iraqi people. Call it closure, call it revenge; they of all people had a right to see that that son of a bitch was really and truly dead.


  3. what does *spits* stand for?

  4. Uh, it’s a stage direction, more or less.

  5. i think that it is very sad actully because it has nothing to do with the war and i heard some people say that things will get better now that sadaam was hung but i think that the war was going to happen with or with sadaam

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