Daily Archives: August 23, 2008

Embracing Biden for Vice President!

Okay, despite my unread email to Obama, Joe Biden will make a fine vice president.

He’s smart, quick-witted, and experienced:
Quote from ABC –

The Delaware Democrat first won his job in the Senate over 35 years ago — when Obama was only 11 — and has been re-elected five times.
He’s chaired both the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Judiciary Committee, and raised his profile recently by traveling on a fact-finding mission to war-torn Georgia, where he called for increased U.S. aid to the country and peacekeeping forces.
The trip underscored his vast foreign policy experience — something that is lacking from Obama’s resume. Biden is also thought to be someone who could hold his own during a vice presidential debate.

He is clearly more experienced than Hillary, so the choice does not smack of a personal rejection.
He’s willing and able to be an attack dog, traditional role of vice presidential candidate.
Like the other possibilities, he has those demographic traits, reflecting his background, race, religion, region of the country, etc.

So, okay, I was wrong about Richardson.

Viva La Biden!