Yarn Free to Good Home!

This morning I culled my stash of all yarn that I don’t have a use for,
don’t personally like anymore, can’t remember where or why I got it,
or generally want to dispose of for whatever reason.
I sent a big box to my daughter, but there is more left over!
Before I bring it to the PTA Thrift Shop,
here is your chance to get some really good, and really free, yarn.

This stash includes the following:
1. Classic Elite ‘Spotlight’ in pink #6, 100% cotton, 4.5 st/inch on # 7 needles,
ten skeins, for a total of 920 yards. color is #5719, cost me >$55

2. Natures Palette, ‘handjive’ 30/70%, silk/wool,
laceweight, lupine (bluish-raspberry-purply), 1300 yards,
reviewed in Knitters’ Review, cost was $40.

3. Koigu painters palette premium, 100% merino, dyelot 3266-204,
autumn colors with a gold/mustard thread, like this.
~700 yards, sockweight, cost was about $40.

4. Royal Bamboo, 100% bamboo, 1000+ yards,
colorway cream/tan/pink, cost >$65.

5. yarnsmiths 50/50 silk/cashmere (!), one skein 400 yards,
sockish weight, cost $25, teal colorway

6. SuperSocke 75/25 wool/polyamide, autumn colorway,
one sock-sized skein, cost $14.

7. Soxie, 1 skein from Great Adirondack, colorway ‘Mango’ 360 yards
bright colors, fingering 100% merino superwash, cost $14.

And, at least 6 or 7 other kinds of yarn, but I’m tired of typing for now.

The Free Yarn Deal Details

1. It fits in a big trashbag, and you have to take it all.
2. You have to be a knitter.
3. No asking why I’m doing this,
4. No helpful suggestions for avoiding future over-stashing!

Free to first responder. If no one wants it, it goes to the thrift shop.
Such a Deal!!

7 responses to “Yarn Free to Good Home!

  1. do you have a taker yet?? i would never pass up free yarn!

  2. That’s amazing! I would love to have whatever Michelle doesn’t take. I’m a newly-obsessed sock knitter, and my stash is virtually nonexistent.

  3. Michelle and Tracy,
    Michelle, do you knit socks? If not, I’ll send Tracy the sock yarn. Or, since you both answered at about the same time, maybe I’ll just split it up somehow. I live near Chapel Hill, NC. If you’re nearby, where would you like to meet? If not, email me an address for mailing.
    And, congratulations!

  4. I do knit socks…but i’d be more than willing to let her have it! I see you frequently at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop…if you’re planning on going in someday soon, could I meet up with you there?

  5. *waves* Me, me, me!
    I’ll come get it! I’ll buy you lunch!

  6. Congrats to Michelle and Tracy! If there is yarn in the stash neither of you think you will use, please let me know. I can meet you at the yarn shop.

  7. I didn’t stop by your blog in 4 days and look what I miss. Ack!

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