Daily Archives: January 23, 2009

Beautiful Spring Buds

The header image is back, but I’m still flailing, floundering, and generally flopping about like a fish on the CSS.

More CSS Flailing

I started with WordPress’s theme “Misty Look” (gagging on name), and then played around using the WordPress “edit CSS” feature. The problem is that I have no idea what I’m doing. Nonetheless, I think it looks okay (pats self on back), except for a couple of things that I cannot figure out how to fix. They are:
1. See the lists of links to other sites, over on the right? There is way too much space between each one.
2. That goes for the “Archive” list too.
3. That little calendar thing? I cannot get it to budge off the left side of the sidebar, to which it clings like a barnacle.

Yoo hoo! Does anyone ever read this but me? Anyone who knows someone who knows how to fix these things?? Hello?

And now I’ve lost the header image! First you crop it and then it says “go look at your site and you’ll see it” but it isn’t there because I have to insert in into the CSS that, as discussed above, I am flailing around blindly in.