Daily Archives: July 1, 2009

Drunk Dialing Heaven

A dear friend of my daughter’s was recently drowned off the coast of Washington State. His body was not recovered and his death has greatly upset my daughter. She’s drinking too much, chain smoking, and generally weeping and wailing. Last night I dreamed that I wrote a song in which she described her online posts and general sadness.
The song began like this:

“I been drunk-dialing heaven but I can’t get through to you,
I made a hang-up call to Jesus, thought I’d ask him what to do,
I sat down by the ocean, but we’re both so Goddamn blue,
I keep drunk-dialing heaven, trying to get ahold of you.”

Weird dream, right? But, I love the concept of “drunk-dialing heaven.”
I hereby declare it copyrighted.