Daily Archives: July 12, 2009

Knitting Crisis

The directions say:

1. Cast on 12 stitches by making a 12 st. chain with a crochet hook.
okay, I don’t know how to do that.

2. Pick up 12 stitches from the crochet chain, with dpns.
okay, I loathe dpns.

3. Join in the round.
okay, I could do that, if I could ever get a daisy chain of crochet-ed, dpn-ed stitches in a nice l’il circle.

I’ve tried various “easy alternatives” and can’t figure them out. I think the result is supposed to be a small circle of 12 stitches, which then expands to 24, and thus to a lovely pattern that is the beginning of a shawl.

I am frustrated, hot, sweaty, and feeling really really lame. Every other person in the whole universe has already posted a beautiful picture of their finished “Clue 1” with many comments about how absurdly easy, how laughably brief, how comically quick ‘n easy, this first clue is. Ha bloody ha.